Thông báo - Thông báo của các nước thành viên: Import Health Standard for Vehicles, Machinery and Parts.

Ngày thông báo 20/05/2020
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Tiêu đề Import Health Standard for Vehicles, Machinery and Parts.
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Proposed layout and usability improvements: The layout has been  changed  to  give  importers  greater  assurance  around  the  types  of  vehicles, machinery  and  parts  captured  by  the  requirements  of  the  Standard,  especially  brown marmorated  stink  bug  (BMSB)  management  requirements;  and  The  Standard  is  now solely based on commodity types without designated sections for BMSB management or used vehicles, machinery and parts ; and The specific commodity type lists (Schedule 1) have been expanded to provide as much inclusion and exclusion examples as possible.

Proposed changes to measures:
Moldova,  Portugal  and  the  Ukraine  have  been  included  as  BMSB  risk  countries.  Three changes  relating  to  BMSB  management  including;  the  removal  of  new  vehicle  type exclusions, mandatory submission of a declaration linked to exclusion criteria for some new  commodities  and  minor  changes  to  the  residual  insecticide  treatment  option  for importers of aircraft and watercraft. Three changes relating to the more general import pathway for vehicles, machinery and parts.
All  changes  are  separately  listed  and  discussed  in  the  supporting  risk  management proposal

Sản phẩm All vehicles, machinery and parts
Quốc gia New Zealand

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