Mã WTO Quốc gia Ngày thông báo Tiêu đề File
G/SPS/N/VNM/63 Viet Nam 20/08/2014 The Draft Circular is aim to categorize the list of pests to be quarantined NVNM63.rar

G/SPS/N/VNM/62 Viet Nam 15/08/2014 Circular on Pesticide Management Draft Circular on Pesticide Management.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/61 Viet Nam 15/08/2014 Decree to detail articles of Law on Plant Protection and Quarantine Draft Decree detail articles of Law on Plant.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/60 Viet Nam 08/08/2014 Draft of Veterinary Law, Vietnamese. Draft of Veterinary Law.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/59 Viet Nam 31/07/2014 Circular for guiding on the food safety control for imported foodstuffs of plant origin NVNM59.pdf

Draft Circular VNM59.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/58 Viet Nam 29/07/2014 National technical regulation on Processing aid Du thao chat ho tro che bien_gop y.rar

G/SPS/N/VNM/57 Viet Nam 29/07/2014 National technical regulation on food flavouring agents NVNM57.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/56 Viet Nam 23/05/2014 Draft Circular on Promulgation of pest risk analysis procedures for plants and plant origin products before being imported into Viet Nam NVNM56.pdf

Draft Circular of pest risk analysis VNM 56_Vie.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/55 Viet Nam 15/05/2014 Circular on Maximum Residue Limits of Pesticides in Food NVNM55.pdf

Draft cicular chemical on foods VNM55_Vie.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/54 Viet Nam 09/05/2014 Circular on Revision of the Circular guiding the management of food additives NVNM54.pdf

VNM 54 - Draft Circular Amending 27_2012.pdf
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