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G/SPS/N/USA/3258 United States 20/07/2021 Fluxapyroxad; Pesticide Tolerances. Final Rule NUSA3258.pdf

G/SPS/N/IND/264 India 20/07/2021 Draft Food Safety and Standards (Ayurveda Aahar) Regulations, 2021 NIND264.pdf

G/SPS/N/BRA/1959 Brazil 20/07/2021 Ordinance (Portaria) No. 11 of 12 July 2021, Amends Normative Instruction MAPA No. 5, of 17 February 2011 - Phytosanitary Requirements for Fragaria ananassa (strawberry) according to the country of destination and origin for the States Parties to MERCOSUR NBRA1959.pdf

G/SPS/N/BRA/1853/Add.1 Brazil 20/07/2021 Ordinance (Portaria) No. 359 of 9 July 2021, Amends the Normative Instruction (Instrução Normativa) No. 110 of 24 November 2020 that approves raw materials for ingredients, additives and vehicles for use in animal feed NBRA1853A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3257 United States 19/07/2021 Gardenia Blue Interest Group; Filing of Color Additive Petition NUSA3257.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/143/Add.2 Ukraine 19/07/2021 Draft Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine concerning Foodstuffs and Other Objects of Sanitary Measures" - Change in proposed date of entry into force NUKR143A2.pdf

G/SPS/N/BRA/1958 Brazil 19/07/2021 Ordinance (Portaria) No. 360 of 12 July 2021, Amend the list of absent quarantine pests NBRA1958.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3256 United States 16/07/2021 Notice of Temporary Suspension of Dogs Entering the United States from High-Risk Rabies Countries NUSA3256.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/165 Ukraine 16/07/2021 Draft Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine "On Approval of Requirements for the Welfare of Animals at Slaughter" NUKR165.pdf

G/SPS/N/GBR/8/Add.1 United Kingdom 16/07/2021 PH/026 Pest Measures NGBR8A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/CHN/1223 China 16/07/2021 Phytosanitary Requirements of Import Solanum lycopersicum L. and Capsicum spp. Seeds NCHN1223.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1404 Canada 16/07/2021 Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Benzovindiflupyr (PMRL2021-24) NCAN1404.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1403 Canada 16/07/2021 Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Mandipropamid (PMRL2021-23) NCAN1403.pdf

G/SPS/N/AUS/526 Australia 16/07/2021 Proposal to amend Schedule 20 of the revised Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (13 July 2021) NAUS526.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/164 Ukraine 08/07/2021 The Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 961 "On Amending hygienic norms and regulations for safe usage of pesticides and agrochemicals" of 18 May 2021. NUKR164.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/163 Ukraine 08/07/2021 The draft Order of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine "On approval of the Procedure for recognition of equivalence of state control systems of the exporting country" NUKR163.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1402 Canada 08/07/2021 Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Pyridate (PMRL2021- 22) NCAN1402.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/570 Chinese Taipei 08/07/2021 The Draft Amendment of Standards for Specification, Scope, Application and Limitation of Food Additives NTPKM570.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/569 Chinese Taipei 08/07/2021 Those foods, food additives, food utensils, food containers or packaging classified under 3 specific CCC Codes NTPKM569.pdf

G/SPS/N/ZAF/75 South Africa 07/07/2021 Amendment of the agricultural remedies regulations NZAF75.pdf

G/SPS/N/TUR/118 Turkey 07/07/2021 Turkish Food Codex - Communiqué on Fruit Wines NTUR118.pdf

G/SPS/N/TUR/12/Add.1 Turkey 07/07/2021 List of Approved Countries and Production Areas for Bivalve Mollusc Import NTUR12A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3255 United States 06/07/2021 Tolfenpyrad; Pesticide Tolerances. Final Rule NUSA3255.pdf

G/SPS/N/GBR/10 United Kingdom 06/07/2021 The Official Controls (Temporary Measures) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2021 (Preceded by the Official Controls (Temporary Measures) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2021) NGBR10.pdf

G/SPS/N/CHE/77/Add.2 Switzerland 06/07/2021 Ordinance on Genetically Modified Foodstuffs (GMFO) NCHE77A2.pdf

G/SPS/N/KAZ/91 Kazakhstan 05/07/2021 Eurasian Economic Commission Council Draft Decision on amendments to the Customs Union Commission Decision No. 318 of 18 June 2010 NKAZ91.pdf

G/SPS/N/KAZ/90 Kazakhstan 05/07/2021 Eurasian Economic Commission Council Draft Decision on amendments to the Table 8 of the Common Quarantine Phytosanitary Requirements for Quarantine Products and Quarantine Objects on the Customs Border and the Customs Territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) NKAZ90.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/729 Republic of Korea 02/07/2021 Proposed Amendment of the "Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control" NKOR729.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/728 Republic of Korea 02/07/2021 Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods NKOR728.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/727 Republic of Korea 02/07/2021 Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods NKOR727.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/726 Republic of Korea 02/07/2021 Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods NKOR726.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1398 Canada 01/07/2021 Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Picoxystrobin (PMRL2021-18) NCAN1398.pdf

G/SPS/N/AUS/502/Add.11 Australia 01/07/2021 Plant products that are hosts of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) NAUS502A11.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/725 Republic of Korea 30/06/2021 Phytosanitary Measures of Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Disease NKOR725.pdf

G/SPS/N/JPN/783/Add.1 Japan 29/06/2021 Revision of the Specifications and Standards for Foods, Food Additives, Etc. (final rule) NJPN783A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/COL/331 Colombia 29/06/2021 Dự thảo nghị quyết "Theo đó các yêu cầu và thủ tục đăng ký nhà sản xuất, nhà sản xuất, nhà đóng gói, nhà nhập khẩu, nhà xuất khẩu và / hoặc nhà phân phối thuốc bảo vệ thực vật hóa học sử dụng trong nông nghiệp, cũng như các yêu cầu đăng ký thuốc trừ sâu hóa học sử dụng trong nông nghiệp và các điều khoản " NCOL331.pdf

G/SPS/N/COL/330 Colombia 29/06/2021 Proyecto de resolución "Por medio del cual se establecen los Requisitos para el Registro y Control de Fertilizantes, Acondicionadores de Suelos y Productos Afines de uso agrícola y en jardinería" NCOL330.pdf

G/SPS/N/THA/305/Add.1 Thailand 29/06/2021 MOPH Notification entitled "Production Processes and Equipment/Utensils for Production and Storage of Foods" NTHA305A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/563/Add.1 Chinese Taipei 28/06/2021 Standards for Veterinary Drug Residue Limits in Foods NTPKM563A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/568 Chinese Taipei 25/06/2021 The amendment of the "Quarantine Requirements for the Importation of Plants or Plant Products". NTPKM568.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/561/Add.2 Chinese Taipei 25/06/2021 The amendment emergency measures for Solanum spp. and Capsicum spp. seeds NTPKM461A2.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1397 Canada 25/06/2021 Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Fluazaindolizine (PMRL2021-17) NCAN1397.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1379/Add.1 Canada 25/06/2021 Established Maximum Residue Limit: Rimsulfuron NCAN1379A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/BRA/1955 Brazil 25/06/2021 Ordinance (Portaria) No. 177 of 16 June 2021, Establishes procedures and criteria for phytosanitary certification in the export and import of plants, parts of plants, products of plant origin and other regulated articles NBRA1955.pdf

G/SPS/N/AUS/509/Add.1 Australia 25/06/2021 Biosecurity Advice 2021-A02: Final update of non-salmonid marine finfish risk species lists for human consumption and baitfish NAUS509A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/AUS/501/Add.2 Australia 25/06/2021 Extended: temporary changes to import certificate requirements for a range of imported plant-based, animal, biological and animal-based goods NAUS501A2.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/544/Add.1 Chinese Taipei 24/06/2021 Standards for Specification, Scope, Application and Limitation of Food additives NTPKM544A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/526/Add.4 Chinese Taipei 24/06/2021 Extension of the Implementation Period of the Temporary Alternative Arrangements of the Presentation of Original Veterinary and Phytosanitary Certificates in the Condition of COVID-19 Pandemic NTPKM526A4.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/724 Republic of Korea 24/06/2021 Proposed Amendment of the "Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control". NKOR724.pdf

G/SPS/N/THA/419 Thailand 23/06/2021 Draft Thai Agricultural Standard entitled "Good Agricultural Practices for Pig Farms". NTHA419.pdf

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